Gender: Male

Age: 53

Presenting Problem: Anxiety when driving

Treatment: BWRT

Number of Sessions: 2

MB is a successful businessman who approached me because he was unable to drive on duel carriageways or motorways without experiencing severe anxiety.  This had been getting worse over the last 15 years.  He was unable to drive to his family or friends, or to work locations, so had to take train, bus or even fly; he couldn’t travel as a passenger in another car without experiencing similar problems.

During the initial session we explored his problem and where it may have started.  MB remembered a specific event – seeing a bad accident happen in front of him whilst driving.  I invited him to recall his worst memory of driving anxiety (which he had no problem doing and had a score of 10/10 which is as bad as it can be) and then asked him how he would prefer to feel. He wanted to feel relaxed, calm and in control, so he found a memory of when he feels just like this.  I did the BWRT work with him, and we finished the session feeling very positive. I was unable to re-trigger the 10/10 score from his worst memory.

MB contacted me two weeks later to report that he had already driven many miles on the M5 and was astounded that BWRT had worked so effectively; however he said he still felt nervous when overtaking lorries, especially in wet driving conditions where there was lots of spray. We had one more session over Zoom, working on this problem, and once more he felt very positive. One week later, MB reported absolutely no anxiety with motorway driving or overtaking; he was now looking forward to driving to see his family who live several hundred miles away, for the first time in many years. MB felt that BWRT had genuinely changed his life and given him back his freedom, in only two sessions.

If certain things make you anxious, worried or upset, and you feel they are holding you back, why not get in touch with me so we can sort them out…

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