Anxiety of Needing the Toilet

2023-05-26T15:14:41+01:00January 3, 2023|

Gender: Female Age: 27 Presenting Problem: Anxiety over needing the toilet Treatment: BWRT Number of Sessions: 3 RP approached me because she sometimes had severe anxiety if she thought she might need the toilet and a convenience would not be immediately available.  She was embarrassed about this, felt silly and childish, ...


2023-05-26T15:15:17+01:00December 29, 2021|

Gender: Female Age: 64 Presenting Problem: Claustrophobia Treatment: BWRT Number of Sessions: 2 MH asked for help when she had to go for an CT scan. She had tried before but had a full panic attack and had to be pulled out of the scanner. She had been claustrophobic since childhood and ...

Fear of Motorway Driving

2023-05-26T15:15:17+01:00December 28, 2021|

Gender: Male Age: 53 Presenting Problem: Anxiety when driving Treatment: BWRT Number of Sessions: 2 MB is a successful businessman who approached me because he was unable to drive on duel carriageways or motorways without experiencing severe anxiety.  This had been getting worse over the last 15 years.  He was unable ...

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