Gender: Female

Age: 57

Presenting Problem: Grief over father’s death

Treatment: Counselling/BWRT

Number of Sessions: 4

J lost her father twelve months ago and had been struggling ever since. She felt she could not get back to normal, always feeling down, low energy and motivation. She also had strong feelings of guilt over certain aspects of her relationship with her father before he died: “I should have spent more time with him”…

I made sure J had plenty of time to talk about the things she was struggling with, exploring her memories of her father and the time before he dies.  I gently encouraged her to explore her feelings of guilt, which she found difficult, but essential. She was also able to identify some feelings of anger towards her father for leaving her and her mother behind.

Using BWRT, I was able to quickly sort out the feelings of anger and guilt. We then moved on to the BWRT process for helping with guilt, which is the most effective treatment I have ever seen (I have been a grief counsellor for many years). J said that she felt totally different, at peace, and able to get on with her life. She was emotional, but relieved and very grateful.

J is still having therapy, but the release from her complicated grief has changed her life and she is now hopeful for the future.

Grief is a natural human emotion, but sometimes it continues for too long. If you feel that you are still struggling with the emotional impact of the death of someone close to you, please contact me: I CAN help…

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