Gender: Female

Age: 37

Presenting Problem: Stop Smoking

Treatment: BWRT

Number of Sessions: 1

The client was a successful businesswoman who had tried to stop smoking many times before but had never managed it. She decided to seek professional help.

She had cut down on the number of daily cigarettes she smoked and told herself that this was progress. However she wore nicotine patches to help. At the weekend, especially during social events, she would end up smoking much more. She ‘said’ she wanted to give up, but realised that she was just kidding herself.

During the initial consultation, the client said that she knew smoking just one cigarette was enough to cause a healthy cell to mutate into a cancerous one. And, putting it simply, she didn’t want to get cancer and die early.

She accepted that smoking was expensive and so were the nicotine patches – money she could put to better use. She also realised the aging impact smoking has on her skin. But what really motivated her was her young son had said that none of the other Mums smoked and why did she? He was worried about her getting ill, because they had talked about how bad smoking was at school.  Suddenly she had seen her life flash before her. Milestone after milestone appeared in her mind in complete clarity – and she realised how important these were to her and how much she wanted to be there for him. She became visibly upset at the thought she might not be around to do so.

Unlike some other behavioural changes where the unwanted behaviour is replaced by something more preferable, using BWRT® for help to quit smoking only requires that the client wishes to stop. As such, after only one session of BWRT®, this client quit for good, knowing that the benefits of being a natural non-smoker had begun even before she left the consulting room.

If you want to give up smoking – permanently and naturally – and you are ready to take this step, please contact me.

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