Gender: Male

Age: 28

Presenting Problem: Procrastination 

Treatment: BWRT

Number of Sessions: 2

My client was really struggling with procrastination. He was a mature student studying for a degree and was always stressed about his coursework and assignments, which he would leave to the last minute and then become overwhelmed. He said he knew what he had to do, but just couldn’t make himself do it.  This led to significant stress and anxiety, which of course made things worse (the more stressed we are, the less effective is our rational brain).

Using the special BWRT ‘procrastination buster’ process, I was able to get him to understand the reasons behind his problems and work through them. One of the key points when working with procrastination is to establish why we avoid doing things… for example fear of failure, judgement, or even fear of success.
After two sessions, my client felt much more in control and was able to calmly produce a plan for his coursework. I spoke to him a month later and he said he felt totally different – getting on with his work and handing in his assignments on time without any stress. The ‘Procrastination Buster’ had made a huge difference in his life.
If you are a procrastinator, or struggle with time management, please contact me today (don’t put it off 😊) and let’s get it sorted out.


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