Highly recommended

I was sceptical that anything could help me with my anxiety because I have had it for so long. Stuart’s approach made me feel safe and relaxed and after only three sessions with him using BWRT I can honestly say that I feel totally different. I no longer feel anxiety when I wake up, I feel more confident in social situations and like I have a new lease of life. I am so grateful I found Stuart and that he helped me with BWRT. I would recommend him to anyone who has any problems they are struggling with.


Quality of Life Improved

Stuart handled my issues with a calm, professional attitude. After one session of BWRT I was relieved of many years of severe struggles with an eating disorder, also this method swiftly solved several of my behaviour problems. My quality of life has been improved by the counselling sessions I have received. Thank you.


Would recommend to anyone

“I have suffered with severe claustrophobia since childhood and when I was told by my GP I had to go for a CT scan, I was petrified. The last time I had one I had a full panic attack. After one session with Stuart using BWRT I was able to attend the scan and felt completely calm and relaxed. I was amazed, and so grateful. I would recommend BWRT to anyone”


I cant thank you enough

“Lately I’ve been a lot happier, and haven’t been panicking or even feeling anxious. I’ve also been sleeping very well (which is SO amazing) and I actually feel like I am living again. Thank you for all your help with the BWRT sessions as I can now look forward to my future. I don’t know how, but you have honestly changed my life. It feels like I am no longer dragging the past around with me and I can get on with the life I want – just like the one I imagined in our sessions. I owe you the world and work is going so well they are like family to me. I cant thank you enough.”


Fear of needles

I had a complete fear of injections or having blood taken, which I have had since my teens. I wanted to have my Covid jabs but I was simply unable to consider going because of my intense fear. It wasn’t just the injection, but the lead up and being in the room – I was convinced I would pass out. Stuart spent some time working with me so that I was able to get some clarity on things, which identified other issues I hadn’t considered. We worked through these using BWRT and then the needle phobia. I booked myself in for my Covid jab the next week, and I an delighted to say I actually found myself looking forward to it! I turned up, had the jab, and went home without any anxiety at all. I remain completely amazed by this and very thankful. I have recommended Stuart to my friends and family. Thank you.


Thank You

I was really struggling with health anxiety. Stuart is very easy to talk to, no ‘psycho-babble’ and helped me to get to the core of my worries very quickly. He managed to help me extract my innermost hidden emotional feelings and turn them into logical rational feelings after a few sessions, bringing me huge relief.
I have, and will continue to recommend Stuart.  Thank you



“Stuart is an outstanding counsellor. He has helped me process some very confusing and difficult emotions and psychological issues deploying a multi-disciplinary approach to mental health. Stuart is very empathetic and has enabled me to trust him with some very tricky problems and this has helped me to develop a greater clarity of self understanding. With Stuart’s help I have found solutions and clarity where I had previously been weighed down by bottled up difficulties and confusion.”



“I’ve had various different types of therapy over the years in an attempt to solve my debilitating lack of self-esteem.  I didn’t believe BWRT could be as fast and effective as the description seemed to suggest. How wrong I was!  Only 1 day after my second session I felt that I had completely changed – like I had discovered myself for the first time in 40 years. I’m still amazed that BWRT could be so effective, but it has been for me.  I am so grateful that I am now, finally, able to live up to my potential. Thank you Stu.”


Highly recommended

“As someone who has tried previous counselling services before, Stuart’s approach has by far been the best. Through our sessions I’ve become aware of the source/s behind my issues and able to resolve them. Stuart is very professional, always creating a non judgemental and comfortable space for us to talk. I would highly recommended his service to anyone needing it.”



“I suffered with anxiety and fear when motorway driving for 25 years. In the last 5 years it has been impossible for me to do. After one BWRT session with Stuart, I was able to return to driving on the motorway with ease. I still find this incredible, but it seems like a permenant change. See you on the m5 👍🏻 Thank you Stuart”


Life Changing

Stu helped me to work through a very stressful period of my life in an honest, compassionate and non-judgemental way. I now feel empowered to navigate my future as a stronger and happier person. My sessions with Stu have been nothing short of life-changing. Thanks for everything.