As someone who has tried previous counselling services before, Stuart’s approach has by far been the best. Through our sessions I’ve become aware of the source/s behind my issues and able to resolve them. Stuart is very professional, always creating a non judgemental and comfortable space for us to talk. I would highly recommended his service to anyone needing it.



Lately I’ve been a lot happier, and haven’t been panicking or even feeling anxious. I’ve also been sleeping very well (which is SO amazing) and I actually feel like I am living again. Thank you for all your help with the BWRT sessions as I can now look forward to my future. I don’t know how, but you have honestly changed my life. It feels like I am no longer dragging the past around with me and I can get on with the life I want – just like the one I imagined in our sessions. I owe you the world and work is going so well they are like family to me. As for the technique to keep my room tidy, my room has been tidy for three weeks, which is a massive achievement for me. Once again thank you so much Stuart


I knew I had to talk to someone when my problems became overwhelming. In the beginning session I was very nervous, but Stuart put me at ease and I felt he listened closely to everything I said, without any judgement. I had never experienced this before.  Over time I was able to discuss my problems and find a way to navigate through them. It was a very empowering experience.  I have learned lots about myself and genuinely feel better and stronger as a result.

I would strongly recommend Stuart to anyone who is considering counselling.


Stuart is an outstanding counsellor.  He has helped me process some very confusing and difficult emotions and psychological issues deploying a multi-disciplinary approach to mental health.  Stuart is very empathetic and has enabled me to trust him with some very tricky problems and this has helped me to develop a greater clarity of self understanding.  With Stuart’s help I have found solutions and clarity where I had previously been weighed down by bottled up difficulties and confusion.


I have had counselling before which I found to be ineffective. However, Stu’s approach has been really valuable, refreshing and has helped me begin to understand the reasons behind my issues, which has been a real ‘eye-opener’.  I feel much stronger in myself, and now look forward to my counselling sessions as a way to continue my progress.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Thank you for everything. You are a star.


Once upon a time, I thought mental ill-health was made-up by people seeking attention. Stu guided my train of thought away from the injustices and anxiety that was crippling me, opening my eyes to toxic relationships and behaviours. He was never once shocked by my anecdotes.

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like myself again… and I have Stu to thank for bringing me back!


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and support through the last year, I honestly don’t know how I would have got through it without you. Thank you so much.