I’d never heard of BWRT therapy, so I did some reading , I read reviews and thought this sounded interesting and wanted to give it a try. After speaking to Stuart we set up the 1st appointment. After a couple of sessions and I felt so different in myself, it’s hard to explain but I knew something had changed. I started feeling that I could look forward to things, and that I wanted to go places, which a few months back those thoughts would never have entered my head as I was happy never to go anywhere ever again . I’m now feeling very positive about the future and hopefully will start enjoying myself again as I used to.
My daughter’s wedding day has come and gone and what a brilliant day it was from start to finish. I was absolutely happy to have enjoyed every single minute of it. There’s no doubt in my mind things would have been totally different if I hadn’t had done the BWRT therapy; I would have got through it because I had to, but I know that I’d have probably been feeling rubbish for most of the day.
BWRT the best thing I did, so thank you Stuart for giving me my life back.