My Counselling Philosophy

I was trained as an integrative therapist, with a firm emphasis on humanistic counselling.  I like this approach, because it means that I can use a range of skills and different approaches to help my clients.

I believe that most clients come to therapy for help with ongoing problems that they cannot resolve by themselves.  Even people with a good social support network (family, friends) sometimes need professional help.  I will help you understand your problems, where they came from, and help you to deal with them. This may be using your own inner resources, or by using BWRT which helps to change unconscious thought processes.   The style and approach I use will depend on you, what you are comfortable with, and of course my own professional judgement of how best to help you.

Together we will explore your problems, and I will encourage you to try to understand the reasons for them; my experience tells me that clients often appreciate having a ‘reason’ for their problems, because this allows them to see that they are not alone, and that if we can work on the emotional impact of the reason(s), we can then move beyond the problem and even remove the emotional connection altogether; this is always done at the client’s pace in a calm, compassionate and professional way.

Therapy Programs

I offer therapy programs depending on your requirements, usually identified at our first meeting, which I call the assessment session (this is 90 minutes long): programs are for 3 sessions, 6 sessions or 9 sessions, at weekly intervals (so client’s have ‘their slot’).  If you think more sessions would be helpful, then we will agree this together before the end of the current program.

Where I Work
I offer face to face sessions at my comfortable and private therapy room:

Falcon House, Eagle Road, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 5JY.

I also offer online therapy using Zoom or Telehealth, but I am also happy to use FaceTime or equivalent if that is more convenient.