Video counselling is great because you can have a session at a time and location to suit you. This is especially useful during the current situation around Covid 19.

Is it secure?

Yes. I use Zoom for video calls which is secure.  I never record my screen or audio. I can guarantee the same level of privacy at my location as we would have during a face-to-face session – we cannot be overheard or interrupted.

How does it work?

I will send you an Online Counselling Agreement by email.  Once you have returned it, I will invite you to a Zoom session by email or text, when it is convenient for both of us.  You click on the link, and (if necessary) download a free app. We then connect. It really is very simple. You can use the camera on your phone/tablet, or webcam on your computer if you have one. As long as you have a reasonable internet connection (wifi or 4g) all will be well. We will run through the contract at the start of the session, and then begin: it is just like a normal session.

I suggest you find a quiet space where you feel safe and secure. Make yourself comfortable and position the camera so that I can see your face. You will be able to see me throughout.

What if we get cut off?

Very occasionally there may be an interruption in the internet connection. If this happens we will try to reconnect. If this proves difficult, I will call you to try to reconnect, or we will finish the session on the phone.

Once the session is ended everything is closed down. Nothing is stored on my computer.

What next?

Please get in touch to arrange a session. I am happy to test Zoom with you before we have a session, to ensure everything works properly.

Please note: I an unable to provide video counselling to you if you are under 18 years of age. In that case, please contact me so I can help you with alternatives.