Coronavirus (Covid-19) therapy is aimed specifically at helping you to manage and eliminate some of the difficult symptoms that are being caused by the current situation. Coronavirus therapy can be delivered via video or telephone and can cover a range of issues from emotional and psychological difficulties through to relationship and parenting problems.

What is Coronavirus Counselling?

There are some specific psychological, emotional and relational problems that have developed since the Coronavirus outbreak.

Working with the issues resulting from the pandemic and its impact on you can help to reduce symptoms and provide a support structure that can make life feel far more bearable.

What are typical psychological and emotional reactions to pandemics and quarantine situations?

You may be struggling with some of the following:

• Anxiety
• Stress
• Loss – loss of normal life; loss of contact with friends/family, loss of job or income
• Financial difficulties
• Relationship difficulties
• Fear of the unknown and the future
• Existential fear – the pandemic is making us think about death
• OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Anger issues
• Hypervigilance
• Bereavement

It is important to bear in mind that all of the above reactions are normal and counselling and psychotherapy can be enormously helpful in managing difficult emotions and psychological difficulties. Online counselling can help make sense of how you are reacting by looking what is causing the emotions listed above.

How can Counselling or Psychotherapy help me?

Counselling and psychotherapy can help in dealing with, managing and working through a wide range of difficult emotional and psychological symptoms:

• Helping you to manage difficult thoughts
• Teaching you to better regulate feelings, so that you do not feel overwhelmed
• Providing you with a support in dealing with isolation and quarantine
• Working with you to manage relationship stress with family members
• Providing you and your partner with couple counselling where you are both feeling stressed
• Working with you to implement parenting strategies with children who are unable to go to school or leave home
• Helping you in managing and in treating anxiety and depression
• Helping you to work through loss, including bereavement
• Calming and reduce the intensity of intrusive thoughts and OCD symptoms
• Providing you with an ongoing supportive relationship in which you can work through all your thoughts and feelings in a relational context.

How can I access therapy when I cannot leave my home?

We do not need to meet in person. Therapy can be delivered online or via telephone, so I am able to offer online therapy whereby you can be seen in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We are all in this together!

Usually the therapist does not share exactly the same issues being discussed by the client, but tries to imagine the clients circumstances and what they may be feeling in order to help.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and the ongoing government response, the existential reality is that we are all in the same situation and are all having to manage difficult feelings, massive changes to our lives, but without knowing when it will all end and we will get back to normal – if indeed we ever will.

The key to coping with the psychological and emotional impact of this situation is in being able to hold onto a thinking mind and in learning to regulate emotions, both of which are cornerstones of good therapy. Counselling will help you do just that while also looking at your surrounding issues, worries and fears.

Whilst I may not be able to do anything about the virus itself, I can help you to find your way through the situation we are all facing.

More Information

If you are interested, please get in touch.

Please observe the government guidelines if you can, stay safe and remain positive: things will get better in time.